Dec. Outreachy Winter 2023 Internship: UI Improvements to ODK-X Tables and Surveys

Hello everyone,

My name is Matilda Anashie, I use (she/her) as my pronouns. I have been accepted as an intern with ODK-X community for the Outreachy - Winter 2023 internship.

I am super excited to be working on this project and look forward to learning as well. I’ll be working on updating the UI components for the ODK-X Survey and Table apps to meet the ODK-X design guidelines. I would review the current applications with the existing style guide to check for discrepancies and possible user experience issues, while creating the UI uplifts for the applications.

My timezone is (West Africa/Lagos) UTC +1:00

Here are my social handles:
Github: @teelda
LinkedIn: @matilda
Twitter: @matilda


Welcome @Matilda_Anashie ! Great to have you on the project.


I created a blog post for the week 3 of my Outreachy internship.

Check it out here: The struggle is part of the story.


Great post Matilda! You’re doing really well.


Hello everyone!

Here’s the link to my Blog post;
Week 5 - Think about your audience
Week 6 - Modifying Expectations.

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