December 2021 Outreachy Internship - Update ODK-X’s Tests to most recent Android Testing Framework

About Me

Hi everyone!!

My name is Love Sparus Otudor (she/her). I am an Outreachy - Fall 2021 intern for ODK-X. I am super excited to be a part of this project and look forward to learning loads :grinning:.

My Project

I will be updating ODK-X’s Tests to the most recent Android Testing Framework. This means that I will be working to ensure ODK-X’s Tests meet the current best practices and take advantage of the new features in Android Testing Frameworks.

My Timezone

(West Africa/Lagos) UTC +1:00

Find Me

Github: @Lamouresparus
Twitter: @Lamouresparus


You could also check out my blog here :grinning:


Hi everyone! You could check out my Outreachy introductory blog here. Get to know more about me, my core values, and my outreachy journey :blush:

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