Deleting certain sample forms from ODK-X Application Designer

It might be a silly question to ask, but I am not finding a way to delete only certain example forms from the ODK-X application designer. I only want to keep the hope study forms, as I plan on using them and build upon them, but not sure how to get rid of the rest of the forms. I deleted the form directories from “app/config/tables” but they still appear when I run grunt. Appreciate any help.

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Hi @Mandy_Sin!

Two approaches:

  1. if you type grunt --help from your app designer path you should be able to see the various commands, including grunt empty. This will delete everything, and then you can add back in the hope study forms
    (documented here: Building an Application — ODK-X Docs)

  2. It may be that you missed deleting or updating some files, such as the framework, that refer to the additional forms. Are they working or just listed?

Thanks. I did see the documentation to clear the app designer by deleting everything, but I just wanted to get rid of some forms, not all of them. Well, this alternate approach is good too - I just have to make sure that I don’t miss any files associated with hope study while putting them back.

The forms are just listed - they don’t work.

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If the forms are listed but don’t work, then likely it’s an issue where the framework needs to be updated. Hopefully that or the delete-everything-add-back-Hope works :slight_smile:

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Yes, you are right. I did just that - updated the framework.xlsx file by removing the listing of forms I deleted and re-generated the associated json file. Voila…it worked! Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: