Dependency Missing on Android (though all are installed). Compatability on android 11?

Apologies everyone for posting a lot of requests for support here. Now trying to run ODK-X apps on my Android 11 device (Pixel 4a), and wondering if the OS is supported.

I know there have been some changes to storage on Android 11 and wondering if that’s what’s causing the issue.

Behavior of each app:

  • OI File Manager: Expected behavior
  • ODK-X Services opens, but pressing any option, except ‘About’ under the overflow button crashes the app.
  • ODK-X Survey: App does not open, message displayed “Please install ODK Services before continuing”
  • ODK-X Table: Opens, but blank screen with message saying “Dependencies Missing: Please install both OI file Manager and ODK Services before continuing”. App closes when pushing Okay.
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Hi @jwrozelle!

Can you let us know which version of the ODK-X apps you are using? Make sure you are using the latest (v2.1.7).

Hi @elmps2018!

Should be the latest, I believe 2.1.7. I downloaded them all from ./releases/latest today. I could download the source code and do some USB debugging, but, thought that if there was an easier answer I might try that first.

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ODK-X Services is required for either ODK-X Tables or ODK-X Survey to work.

Somebody recently alerted us to a possible issue with Android 11 late last week. Somebody will be looking into it this week. We do not yet have a definitive answer.


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Ahh, great! Thanks @W_Brunette. Looks like someone has done all the hard work for me.

Appreciate your work on this!

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I must add (perhaps it would be another new topic, let me know please), that OI File Manager can be the reason:
Theses days 2 students have said me that they have problems to see the folder “opendatakit” at his mobiles using OI File Manager under an Android 10 version.

2021 03 18 OIFM no access ERROR

At the image, see the error message: “Ocurrió un error: no access” (that means “Error ocurred: no access”.
When touching the screen at the SDCard symbol, there is not any answer, but the error message.

I think that if OI File Manager don’t work correctly from the Android 10 version, Services, nor Survey and nor Tables goes to work well, is’n’t?

Also, I’m askking to me how to solve the problem if it’s caused by OI File Manager, an external app from the Open Data Kit project, ¿?

I apologize for the inconveniences if I would must generate another new topic better than write here.

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…and, also, I’m realizing that my students finally have been able to complet all the excercises, using Survey and Tables; taking that into account:

  • OI File Manager is not well working under Android 10, but at least, Survey and Tables can work well
  • Perhaps, under Android 11, the functionality of OI File Manager is more restricted, so the apps not work at all…

What do you think??

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@jwrozelle the preview release of version 2.1.8 is now available that should fix your issue. Can you give us a try and let us know by end of the week?