Difficulty to set the super-user on odk table, odk service

when I try to set “odk table” (sync odk service), some odk default error come out. I’ve traid every thing by changing the parameters (username, password), even odk software releases, but nothing happend different. I need some help about configuration.
I have already installed ODK aggregate, which I have been using with ODK collect for a long time. I have just installed another ODK Aggregate server, where I followed all the instructions to the letter. But unfortunately …

I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but if you’d like to use ODK Tables, that’s part of the ODK 2 Suite and doesn’t work with ODK Collect and ODK Aggregate.

For ODK 2, the best place to start is http://docs.opendatakit.org/odk2. Have you had a chance to review those docs?

As @yanokwa pointed out the best place to start is http://docs.opendatakit.org/odk2.

The instructions for Aggregate Setup for ODK 2 is available here: https://docs.opendatakit.org/odk2/aggregate-tables-extension/. However, ONLY use “Aggregate Usernames” NOT Google Accounts the documentation needs to be updated.