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Hello team,

Just a quick question. Can I add rows of data manually to the downloaded data from ODK-X sync point and sync again? For instance, may be my device failed to sync and some records were not pushed to the server so I extract the data from the android device using the ADBPULL command. I then take some rows that did not sync and then add it to the excel that I downloaded using ODK-X suitcase , then I upload data to the server?
I did some trial because I did not want to re-enter data again but there was an communication error/Protocol error to confirm if the device is compatible.
Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

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Found my answer in this ODK-X Sync Protocol — ODK-X Docs .

Thanks though.

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Glad you found some help in the docs! Suitcase can also upload, see: ODK-X Suitcase — ODK-X Docs