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Hello @elmps2018 I have been uploading my files using the ODK-X suitcase with no problems. However i have tried to upload files after resetting the server but u get the error in the screenshot below, what could be the problem?

.Kindly help

Hi @James_Nyanga! Note you can post issues here without needing to @ anyone :slight_smile:

When you reset the server, were there any errors? The error here suggests you look at the Cloud Endpoint web interface for further details (hopefully a more detailed error message). There may be some incompatibility between the data you are trying to upload and the reset app server.

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Its okay, noted. Yes, there was no challenge when I reset the server , the error comes when I try to upload the files to the server.

And when you go to look at the Cloud Endpoint web interface for further details, what does it say?

Actually where i am stack is where i can access this end point details, the error log?

I am guessing that the error message is referring to: Setup ODK-X Sync Endpoint with Cloud Services — ODK-X Docs the web-ui here, but this is not my area of expertise.

If i can manage to get an error log i will be able to solve the issue but i dont know how to access to such file.

I can access the web ui perfectly and i can do anything well but only uploading the files is what is causing this error

It was data incompatibility. Thanks

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