ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED: problem accesing forms with survey

Using Android 8.1.0, and release 2.1.6 services, survey and tables, I can’t access the forms I have in my ODK-X Server. In fact, I can validate the user in the server, and I can see the forms, as in the follow image:

…but if I try to access the forms, I obtain the error message ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Using “Scan ports” app, I can see how the port 8635 (that survey must to open) is closed, I don’t know why ¿?

Before trying to access forms in my own ODK-X server (, I have tryed to access the general ODK-X server, that is,, using “demo_user1” and “password” to validate. Validation is correct but I can’t, even view the forms ¿?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Hi @aortegon! Can you try uninstalling the apps, deleting the opendatakit folder from the tablet, and reinstalling and trying to sync the demo server? That may help narrow down the issue.

Thanks @elmps2018!!
I’ll do that, sure! Even OI File Manager must to be uninstalled?
I want you know that I have started doing that: first, I have installed the apps with nothing in the mobile, and I try to sync with de demo server…
Actually, I have no problem in my mobile, but I try to inform other peoples hoy it works ODK-X.
They are problems not syncing with the demo server, but they can’t view the forms in this server. After, when they sync with our own server (, they view the forms, but with no access (they can’t open its).

I don’t think you need to uninstall oi file manager to retest, but if some issue arose in one of the ODK-X apps uninstall and reinstall is always an option to try.

It is good that your mobile works. When they sync with your server, I wonder if the issue may be access? For example, have you set up permissions so that their login can access?

Yes, of course! I know it’s not a permission issue because I have trayed to connect with their users and passwords (which I mayself have set previously), and I have no problem to access forms.
I ask to me if there is a mobile or android version issue (but the mobiles ar news, and android is 8.1.0)

What kind of mobiles are they? I know there are sometimes issues with, for example, technos mobiles needing some additional settings:

You mention you have a “scan ports” app installed. Is it possible there is also some sort of firewall active on the phone that could block the traffic to localhost?

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Thanks Caroline, I very appreciate your comments, @elmps2018, :wink:
I go to ask if they are techno mobiles, and I’ll inform you!!

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Thanks @Emil!!
I have asked previously for the possibles firewall at the mobiles, but it seems they aren’t any software doing that.
In facto, they are installed the Scan ports app after I have suggest to them, to investigate if the port 8635 (which, at least in my mobile and in others, I see Survey opens when is running) is or not open after start Survey. In his case, the 8635 port in closed after start Survey… I think here is the problem!

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Do you have ODK-X Services installed? The error is coming from when ODK-X Survey is trying to access the needed files form ODK-X Services. The http connection between Services and Survey is the problem.

Also did ODK-X Services successful complete a full sync after logging in?

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Thanks a lot, @W_Brunette !!
Yes, of course, Services is installed. In fact, to install Survey and Tables, I have indicated that it’s previously required to install first “OI File Manager”, and second, “ODK-X Services”. Only after theses apps ares installed, I have indicated to install ODK-X Services.
I think the problem arise when Survey try to open port 8635… in fact, there is not port open after start Survey.

For the last question,

…how can I be sure of that?

To check if the sync was successful, in ODK-X services use the “sync now” and wait until you have completed a successful sync. If it is successful the message will be:

Ok, thanks a lot @elmps2018! When I try in my mobile, even with the users I’ve created for them, I obtain the message you send me.
I go to ask the people with the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED to be sure they obtain the success message also, :wink:

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I’m experiencing the same problem. I’m using Samsung tab A running on Android 8.1.0, with Services, Survey, and Tables version 2.1.6 installed. I’m trying out sample forms with ODK-X Survey application as per these instructions. I can’t seem to get past the verification as the error message “Configuration Error is displayed”. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

I installed Services, Survey, and Tables as per the basic instructions in the docs.

Thanks for any tips.


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@smusula Our apologies, it is a problem on our end as our encryption certificate is expired. We will hopefully have it back up as soon as possible.

We will post when we have it fixed.

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Ooh, @W_Brunette thanks so much for the response. I was driving myself crazy :grinning:

I look forward to testing the tools once its up.

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@smusula apologies for the delay.

The demo server has been fixed and is now available at a new address (documentation has been updated). Please note the new address

Please let us know if you have any further issues.