Error in Application Designer when pressing "Purge Database"

I receive the error [object SQLError]
Any hint on whre can I look for logs or some more information about the error?
Thanks in advance.

It worked well before starting to do my own forms.
After reinstalling from scratch and before modifying anything, the error continues.

Hi @ehbossa!

Can you tell us a little bit about where you see the error? With which app – are you getting this error in chrome in preview or in ODK-X Survey or Services or Tables? If you can send a screenshot of the error that might help too.

In application designer in Chrome in preview after clicking the clean database button

@ehbossa I was able to replicate this error on the second time clicking purge database in chrome, so there may be a bug (I will raise an issue on Github). However, it didn’t seem like there were any subsequent problems in using app designer. Did you run into any issues after this? It may just be a bug in the message.

If the database exists “it will say Database Tables Purged”. However, if no database exists (already cleaned) you will see that error message because there is no database left. You can verify this by viewing that the completed surveys are gone (after creating them). If you are getting an error while instances of completed surveys remain let us know.

I see that @elmps2018 already created an issue. Instead of showing an error because there is no database, it would be better if we had a message that says no database exists currently. As this is the state you want.

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Yes. It was as you said. Thanks.

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