Error on form listing for odk210

I need your help. Earlier on I was using odk204 and the forms were showing but when I upgraded to odk210 ,I could not synchronize forms. The phone was showing me. An error. Remember that am still using the default configuration for the aggregate. Thank

Hi William,
Can you please provide some more information about your situation? More details that would help others understand the issue. For example… What is your server setup? What is the error the phone is giving (can you provide a screenshot or the full error message)?
Thanks and all the best,

Thanks dan for your time.
I installed all the required apk for for odk2.0c
I only changed the server settings to
server url:
But when i sync
i get a pop up that says A communications error occured. Protocol Error. please verify that the server and device are compatible.

I’m not familiar with the ODK2.0 set of tools. Hopefully one of the developers (@issa?) may be able to help troubleshoot. But they might need more details.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the ODK2 tools either. My only troubleshooting advice would be to see if you can load up the server admin UI in the phone’s web browser, just to make sure you even have access to the server to begin with. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.

Until the ODK 2 version 210 release, the was still using version 208 protocols. The server has now been updated to version 210.

Hi Waylon Brunette ,
Thank you for the update.