Explore Mapping With Leaflet and Build an Example ODK-X App

Hello, I would like to share with this community my progress so far on my internship project. My task was to explore the Leaflet JavaScript Maps library and find out if it could support the following;

  • caching
  • displaying maps of different providers
  • and map customizations

I found out this was possible with leaflet.js combined with a leaflet plugin called TileLayer.PouchDBCached. I have also built a simple application as a demo. This application loads user’s current location (uses default if the user does not grant permissions) and caches map tiles the user has already viewed. It can support customization of marker color and the maps provider can also be changed at runtime.

Link to project repo: repo -b ‘leaflet-PouchDBCached-plugin’

Link to demo apk file: demo.apk