File location for tempate

Hello everyone, I am an Outreachy applicant, I have been contributing to an issue but stuck at finding the file location of this particular template. Can someone help me in finding the file location in Android studio.

Hi @anisha_0118! I moved this to be a new topic!

Can you tell us more about what you are trying to do? What issue are you working on (may be best to comment on that issue on Github), what were you trying to do that wasn’t working, exactly? Did you add/delete/modify the template?

Hello, I have been working on Services sync dialogue UI: allow user to show and hide sync details · Issue #332 · odk-x/tool-suite-X · GitHub
This issue and I am looking from where this dialogue box being called in the code base…


The sync loading page, where is this dialogue box because I need to update this particular template by adding a hide and unhide functionality so that the user can hide and see the syncing details as per their requirement.

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Hi @anisha_0118 what’s your issue?

I wanted to know in which file this sync template exists.

Where is this file in the code base ?
I am unable to find it.

Sync dialogue box file.

Anisha - this file is not part of the Android code. It is part of the app that is generated using ODK-X Application designer and is run within android apps. Check this link Application Designer Directory Structure for details on the directory structure . This particular file is in App/config/assets/framework directory as can be seen in the screenshot. Hope it helps.

Thank you so much, it will help :slight_smile: