Finalize and exit survey depending on value

Hi, is there a way to finalize and exit the survey based on the answer from one of the questions?

Have a select_one questions early in the survey where if the value is anything other than the yes option, it should skip to the end of the survey and save the few questions that were answered.

We are currently using ODK2 with ODK Application Designer 2.1.0

Dear @Belzakura,

Yes, we have done something exactly like this. If someone does not consent (early on) then we finalize and exit.

I am attaching our (very long) individual questionnaire, if you see in the 1_0 section there are the individual consents (we had some info from the household roster already). We create (assign) an indiv_valid variable and if folks don’t consent, they finalize and exit the sub-form. If they consent then they keep going along through the various sections.

quest2_00_0.xlsx (721.8 KB)

One catch with this approach is that you have to make sure to account for this in ALL constraints, skips, etc. So if you constrain an answer to be non-missing between 1-12, this won’t finalize correctly unless you add an “or individual is not valid/did not consent” type of constraint as well.


@elmps2018 I have 4 linked tables, like table is linked to 2 and 2 is linked to 3 and 3 is linked to 4 with a unique ID. is there a way I can finalize one table form and then go to the next form maintaining the unique ID. For instance, i fill form of table A, i finalize then i proceed to table 2 and so ON? What I have currently is I will have to fill all 4 tables then i finalize one by one.Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi @James_Nyanga! You can finalize whenever you finish a form, just put a finalize prompt in or train the enumerators to use the finalize option rather than save as incomplete in the menu when exiting the form. So long as the way the different forms are linked feeds forward the unique ID then it should be maintained.

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