Geotrace and geoshape supported in ODK-X tools?

Hi all,
I would like to know if “geotrace” and “geoshape” prompt types are supported in ODK-X tools? I did not find it. These prompt types seems to be only supported in ODK Collect.
Is there plan to support it in native ODK-X tools?
Are there examples that show how to create custom prompt/column type to reproduce “geotrace” and “geoshape” in ODK-X tools?
Olivier T.

I don’t see the geotrace and geoshape prompt types in ODK-X tools documentation.

However, I know you can layer on maps and probably achieve similar results in ODK-X generally. Here’s an example:

I am not quite sure exactly how you would achieve the geotrace/geoshape results, but something equivalent is likely doable.

@oliviert Welcome to the community!

We have not implemented geotrace or geoshapes as base prompt types because there is some question of where is the proper place. Lots of mapping customization is done in tables.

I would encourage you to file an issue to request the functionality:

Or even better, if you would like to implement it we would be happy to add it to the framework.