Get values from different forms and tables | Obtener valores desde diferentes formularios y tablas

Good afternoon everyone,

This time I have a concern, and I would like to know if it can be done in the ODK-X ecosystem. I would like to know how from a secondary form I can obtain the value of a specific field of the main form.


Buenas tardes a todos,

En esta oportunidad tengo una inquietud, y me gustaria saber si se puede realizar en el ecosistema de ODK-X. Me gustaria conocer como desde una formulario segundario puedo obtener el valor de un campo especifico del formulario principal.


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This is doable! An easy way if you start the secondary form from the main form is to just include newRowInitialElementKeyToValueMap for what you need in the query (see ODK-X XLSX Converter Reference — ODK-X Docs)

If the case is more complex, you are going to need to use queries and async_assign to feed the data from the parent form. See here: for some details and examples of async_assign and let us know any follow-up questions after that.

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An a additional 3rd option, if the first and second form share the same table definition (same tableid and model needs to match) you will be able to access any data in the shared row between the two forms simply by using data(‘variable’).

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