GSoC 2021: New Date Prompts for ODK-X Survey

About Me

Hey all, my full name is Chukwuemeka Okechukwu but Emeka for short. I am from Nigeria but live in Ghana. I’m also a fourth-year undergraduate from Ashesi University studying Computer Science. This is my first time participating in GSoC and thank you for the opportunity. Finally, I can live on bread alone.

About My Project

The goal of this project is to include more prompt types in the ODK-X Survey application and ensure they are compatible with the ODK-X XLSX Converter. I plan to accomplish the implementation of the month only, year only, month and year only, and non-Gregorian calendars prompt for users to choose from.

My Time Zone

(Ghana, Africa), UTC +0.

Getting in Touch

Email Address:
GitHub: emeka-okechukwu-dev
LinkedIn: my linkedIn profile


Week 1: 17 May - 23 May

  • Introduced myself with my project mentors Jeff Beorse and Albert Chae.
  • Shared preferred meeting times and project plans with both mentors.
  • Gained an understanding of the community’s working culture.
  • Revisited the codebase of the application designer.

Week 2: 24 May - 30 May

  • Arranged weekly meetings with both mentors.
  • Continued going through the codebase of the application designer including but not limited to prompt.js and XLSXConverter2.js.
  • Mapped out how to implementing date prompts ahead of the official first coding phase.

Week 3: 31 May - 7 May

  • Had first weekly meeting with project mentors where we introduced ourselves again and went through some questions I had. We also went through how the code will be implemented more thoroughly.
  • Had first weekly meeting with GSoC mentors and mentees where we introduced ourselves and the backstory of ODK-X. We also looked at an app design created by a mentee. Finally, mentors answered some questions we the mentees had for them.
  • Went through how the codes will be submitted.

Week 4: 7 June - 13 June

Past Week Accomplishment

Upcoming Week’s Plan

  • Review and approval of the three new date prompt types by mentors.
  • Perform unit testing on the three new date prompt types.
  • Start implementing new non-Gregorian prompt type handlebars.

Where I am Stuck At

Not stuck at the moment.

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