How to connect to odk_sync database through custom API


We want to fetch all the data inside the odkx sync endpoint database ALONG WITH DELETED ROWS to another server.

Is there any way in the Odk Rest API to fetch the deleted rows as well ?
Or is there any way to open a port on the postgres container without rerunning the container?

I see that the web UI of the odk sync endpoint is able to export the deleted rows as well, but I guess that is an internal link between the containers in their network.

If the above two ways are not possible than we want to run a python script which will fetch the data and send it to our custom endpoint, but I can not install python into the docker container or any other package.

I would really appreciate any suggestions on this issue

@linl33 @elmps2018


Not sure if it will work or not you could request use the get change set api to query all changes since a specific point in time if you know the data e-tag of that point in time. This would include any deletions.

To open a port on the postgres container you need to change your docker-compose.yml. None are exposed for protection reasons.