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Hello everyone, I’m in the process of revamping the splash screen for ODK-X Services, Survey, and Tables, as outlined in issue #395 on GitHub (Redesign splash screen for ODK-X Services, Survey and Tables · Issue #395 · odk-x/tool-suite-X · GitHub). Although I’ve developed a solution, I’m uncertain about the contribution procedure. Should I directly share the screenshot here in the chat under the issue, or is it necessary to initiate a pull request (PR)? If a PR is required, could someone kindly provide guidance on where and how to create it? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

@Hamna_Naveed, just share the design here as a comment and link to that for your contribution.Thanks!

Hi Humna, follow these steps:

  1. Create a pull request (PR) on GitHub by forking the repository, making your changes, and then submitting the PR to the main repository.
  2. In the PR description, clearly explain the changes you’ve made and why they improve the splash screen.
  3. Attach the screenshot of the redesigned splash screen within the PR discussion for easy reference and feedback.
  4. Await feedback from the project maintainers and be open to making further adjustments based on their suggestions.

@elmps2018 @komal123 Thank you very much for your valuable assistance. :innocent: :smiley:

Hi @Hamna_Naveed please only post a question once, see reply here: Query Related to Final Application for Outreachy Internship - #2 by elmps2018

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.