I need help with search on names

Hello Team,
I am new to odk-x and also a greenhorn in Javascript. I need help with search on firstname, middlename and lastname. Please I need some assistance on this.
I really liked how @linl33 helped @Duncan_Otieno with double metaphone and soundex
He made it simple even people who do not understand Javascript followed and executed
I will really appreciate

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Hi @hissdev

Could you provide some more information on what you’re trying to implement?
Are you working with Survey or Tables?
Do you want to search for names in collected data or an external resource (e.g. a csv or json file)?

Please provide your forms if you can.

Many thanks @linl33
Q. Could you provide some more information on what you’re trying to implement?
I want to have a search on the three names because not everyone who has the unique id, ccc_number.They may have accessed the facility but were not given the unique number so searching with the 3 names will help know whether they have accessed the facility or not.
Am working with surveys
Attached is the formCBS_Case_Report.xlsx (27.4 KB)

You can query for instances that have the matching names using async_assign. See the async_assign section in the link below for more information.



Many thanks @linl33.Am still stuck with this.Do you have a sample.
Please a sample would help

There are samples for async_assign in the Application Designer repository. Specifically, visit[1] and agriculture[2] both use async_assign.

We also have annotated sample applications available at Example Applications — ODK-X Docs.

[1] app-designer/app/config/tables/visit at development · odk-x/app-designer · GitHub
[2] app-designer/app/config/tables/agriculture at development · odk-x/app-designer · GitHub