Identifying language selection

Hello everyone, I took a look around the forum and supplementary material, but could not find an answer to my question:

Is there a way to identify which language for the survey was selected for the participants. As this is not a direct question asked inside the survey, does this data get stored in the data somehow/somewhere?

Thanks for all your help! (I am a bit new with ODK)

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It is stored in the database and is available in the _locale column.


Thank you for your reply! How can I find the “_locale” column?

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When you export the data from ODK-X tables or when you download it using ODK-X Suitcase you can see the column. I don’t think it appears in Tables since its an internal variable, although you could presumably generate a variable that equals _locale if you wanted that to show up visibly in Tables.

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I have just noticed I am not really using ODK-X and in fact only using ODK central/server. That might be why I could not understand what you were saying :sweat_smile:

:rofl: try again here

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