Initial sheet and select_one problem

Dear friends,
I am using initial sheet to go directly to the questions but unfortunately the select_one question when I choose a option it didn’t work and when the page reloads it will change to no choices.
any body knows how to solve the problem?Is it the bug or something else?

Hi @Sakina_Alizada

we would love to help you but could you elaborate a bit?
What tool do you use and what version? Maybe you could attach your form?

Ok I am using ODKXSurvey. and when I use initial sheet I could NOT choose any option of select_one?

Hi @Sakina_Alizada!

Here’s a bit more on initial sheets:

Are you currently having the initial sheet go to a section? That’s typically how we use it. If you can upload your form this may help us figure out the problem.


Dear Caroline;

this is my form. complain.xlsx (51.4 KB)

if see this in ODKX Survey choose the select_one question then you will find out the problem.

Thanks for the form! I investigated and think the problem is not the initial sheet but the choices. You have entered the values in the choices sheet as numbers, e.g.
provinces 17 بدخشان
the select_ones variously do not handle this well (they like text) but there are two easy solutions. One option is to use select_one_integer as the prompt type. That may not be great for dropdowns, though, so the other solution is to, rather than type 17 in the data_value cell, type =“17” and it will treat it as text and record. You can implement this universally in the data_value column and that should solve problems.