Is it implemented to update a table definition in the ODK-X REST Protocol?


Is it implemented to update a table definition in the ODK-X REST Protocol ?

In the documentation, it is stated that the schemaETag can change ( but I don’t find a way to do it properly.


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If you can tell us a little more about what you are trying to do that would be helpful. It sounds like you are trying to change the structure of the table, is that right? So adding or changing a variable in the table? This is not possible without deleting the table and recreating it. The documentation you noted says: “If you drop the table and recreate it, the re-creation will have a different schemaETag that the original table, even if it is otherwise identical.” So automatically this will update when you delete the table and put a new version in. This is not something that you would need to do yourself.

In general, updating a table means deleting it and re-creating it. You can modify and re-load data if you had data in progress and discovered a problem (e.g. something was numeric that should be string, etc.).

Ok thanks for the explanation.
That was exactly what I wanted to know !