Is it possible to encrypt patient information identifiers as data moves from the tablet to the remote server

Hello Team,
Is is possible for person identifiers(e.g name,patient_id,phone number) to be encrypted as data moves from the tablet to the remote server

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ODK-X uses HTTPS by default to transmit any data. If you setup your server to use HTTPS and obtained an encryption certificate that Sync-Endpoint is using then all data transmitted between and the mobile device and server should be encrypted. (If something is not encrypted and you are using HTTPS let us know)

Additional information about HTTPS:


Many Thanks @W_Brunette
I did not put my question right
My question should have been:

Is anyone using a custom Javascript encryption scheme such as CryptoJS to hash individual form field values before syncing the tablet with the server? Our institutional requirement dictates that specific form field values be hashed (given the sensitivity of the information captured) prior to syncing data.