Is it true that ODK-X dates are behind with one day

We did a DQA and found out that ODK-X dates are behind with one day. Why is this the case?

The date is NOT one day behind it is saved in a uniform timezone and can be converted to your local timezone.

The standard date format saves the dates in UTC timezone. On the mobile device an other user interfaces the system will convert the date from the UTC timezone to the local timezone. However, if you are looking at the data directly from the database or you created a custom UI you need to use the functions to convert the date correctly.

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Many thanks @W_Brunette.For someone who lives in Kenya and has all its dates ending with T21:00 as attached. Which function can help sort this.The internet talks of 3 hours difference and does it mean that regardless of time,It will always point to T21:000000000a as attached

Any help is highly appreciated

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@hissdev, it will only be the raw data however I realize that generally people get a CSV. What program are you using to view your data? That program will likely have a date conversion ability within it.

Again the dates are in UTC format and can be converted to any timezone.

Within the ODK-X framework webkit interfaces the date is displayed local using these functions

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