Jeffrey Beorse TSC Application - 2020-03-10

Jeffrey Beorse (@Jeff_Beorse)

Eir Birch LLC

What contributions (e.g., issue triage, tech support, documentation, bug fixes) have you made to the ODK or ODK-X community?
Google Summer of Code Mentor for multiple years, code and documentation contributions (including Submit improvements), code review, some community support

How do you believe your contributions have benefited ODK or ODK-X?
I’ve helped grow the community by bringing in new members through Google Summer of Code and by word of mouth. My documentation improvements have helped the tools be more accessible, and I continue to support the documentation overhaul. My code contributions and code review have helped make the tools more robust, feature rich, and stable.

What do you believe the top priorities for ODK-X are?
Growing the community of users, growing the community of contributors, maintaining a regular release schedule of features and bug fixes

How will you help the ODK-X community accomplish those priorities?
I am doing less than other TSC members to grow the community of users, but I am supporting Caroline and Ben’s work here by supporting their documentation changes and providing some back up on community support. My company also provides professional services that help users who otherwise couldn’t use the tools. I am helping grow the community of contributors by the same logic as above, and also through Google Summer of Code, and word of mouth. As an example I will soon be attending Ruby by the Bay and attempting to do a little word of mouth recruitment. Waylon and Li do the most to keep a regular release schedule, but I am working to increase the number of volunteer contributors so that we can do as much as we can without more funding (though funding would be very helpful).

How many hours a week can you commit to participating on the TSC?

What other mobile data collection projects, social good projects, or open source projects are you involved with?
I’m also involved with Meso: though we do not have as active a community or an official leadership committee

Please share any links to public resources (e.g., resume, blog, Github) that help support your application.