Many Instances of ODK Aggregate on single server

I have a number of instances running on my ODK Aggregate server (more than 1 .war files in my webapps). I am now having a challenge where some ODK server links just become inaccessible.

I am running
-ODK Aggregate Server 1.4.5

I have restarted the Tomcat services and the server but it only works for some time then stops some instances again.

Could it be the number of instances running which maybe having the issues? If so, does anyone know the optimal number of ODK Aggregate instances I can run on a single server?
Is there any workaround to this?

I would check your RAM and CPU usage of the computer it is running on. The answer will vary depending on the amount of resources on the computer.

FYI… Aggregate is deprecated as part of ODK-X, so most of our users have migrated (or are migrating) to Sync-Endpoint.

Thank you @W_Brunette for the response. I will take a look at the RAM and CPU usage of the server as per your advise.
My experience trying to install Sync-Endpoint was a nightmare over a year and half ago. I will try and give it a shot once again especially now that there is an ODK-X dedicated forum.
On the same note, is it possible to move existing instances from Aggregate to Sync-Endpoint?

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You can move all the data and files to Sync-Endpoint but the database unique identifiers will change. This means any mobile client will need to clear themselves before syncing to the new server.

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