Map tiles not loaded


On previous version of ODK Table, my map tiles are stored in /opendatakit/map-resources/.… and loaded successfully.

On ODK-X Tables, as stated in documentation, I have moved map tiles to /opendatakit/default/permanent/map-resources/ but not loaded. The ODK-X Tables log still shows that it is loading map tiles from /opendatakit/map-resources/ not the new path.

I/ODKWebViewClient: 2020-07-22 19:47:53.644 onReceivedError: http://localhost:8635/map-resources/imagery/8/73/123.png ms: 1595411273644
I/ODKWebViewClient: 2020-07-22 19:47:53.661 onReceivedError: http://localhost:8635/map-resources/imagery/8/73/122.png ms: 1595411273661
I/ODKWebViewClient: 2020-07-22 19:47:53.662 onReceivedError: http://localhost:8635/map-resources/imagery/8/74/123.png ms: 1595411273662
I/ODKWebViewClient: 2020-07-22 19:47:53.665 onReceivedError: http://localhost:8635/map-resources/imagery/8/74/122.png ms: 1595411273664
I/ODKWebViewClient: 2020-07-22 19:47:53.685 onReceivedError: http://localhost:8635/map-resources/imagery/8/73/124.png ms: 1595411273685
I/ODKWebViewClient: 2020-07-22 19:47:53.707 onReceivedError: http://localhost:8635/map-resources/imagery/8/74/124.png ms: 1595411273707

Could someone please tell what is misconfigured?

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I think you may need to add permanent to your URL. If it doesn’t work let us know and we can investigate further. Based on my memory (haven’t looked in years) I believe the root is "/opendatakit/(appname) so in your case it would “/opendatakit/default/” unless you changed the (appname) from “default”

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Hi @W_Brunette,
It seems that the root is /opendatakit. It works with http://localhost:8635/default/permanent/map-resources/imagery/{z}/{x}/{y}.png, now I could see my offline map. Thanks.

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