Maven Build Failure when setting up odk-x sync endpoint manually

Hello Team,
Am getting the attached error when setting up odk-x sync endpoint. Am using ubuntu 18.04 as a guest os and the host os is microsoft server 2012r2.What could be the problem?

Hi @hissdev ,

Check that the Docker is running in the background before running the command and make sure that the ‘Swarm mode’ is also active. You can check the swarm mode is active or not by running the command docker info.

Many many Thanks @Prashant
Am still getting the error message.
The swarm mode is active as you can see from the attachment. I do not know what have not done right

Many many Thanks

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@hissdev could you try adding your user to the docker group?

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Did you try login to docker through command prompt and then running the command?

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Many thanks @Prashant and @linl33
I was running the command
mvn clean install instead of sudo mvn clean install

Once again
Many thanks