May-August 2024 Outreachy Internship - Create Android Tests for ODK-X's Android tools

About Me

Good day Everyone

My name is Chinedu Ihedioha (He/Him). I have been selected for the May to August 2024 Outreachy internship round. I am excited to participate in this project and contribute. I look forward to learning a bunch and connecting with the larger community :fist: :grinning:

My Project

I will work on the Create Android Tests for ODK-X’s Android Tools project, to evaluate the functionalities of the recent code updates on the ODK-X Tool Suites. These tests ensure that the recent code changes are working as expected.

My Timezone

(West Africa/Lagos) UTC +1:00

Find Me

Github: @ChinexBoroja
Twitter: @ChinexBoroja

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Here is my Week 1 blog post - Introduce yourself: My path to an Outreachy internship


Hi everyone, here is my week 3 blog post: Everyone Struggles: Unveiling Continuous Integration (CI)

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Hi everyone, here is my Week 5 blog post:

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Hi everyone, here is my week 6 blog post:

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