New forms are not loaded in the tablet

Hello everyone.
I created new forms for household monitoring, but when I load the forms into the tablet with grunt adbpush and synchronize the tablet to the server, I do not see any of the forms that I have just loaded into the tablet.
Do anyone have a idea ?

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When you synchronize with the server the contents on the server are considered the correct config. If you reset the server, you reset the servers config.

Therefore, if there form is not on the server and you synchronize, the synchronize process matches the servers config and the form not on the server will be deleted.

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So i have to download all the data first form the server , reset the server, synchronize the server with the tablet, upload the data on the server in order to upload new forms on the server ?

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You can actually add a table manually using the API but we do not have a smooth UI tool to help you. Basically, the server can be modified via it’s API, but not every case has been made accessible with a UI tool.

A standard approach is as you suggest. However, if all your data is already completely synchronized to the tablet then you add the form to the tablet and then reset the app server using the tablet. In this case the server will become “like the tablet” instead of tablet becoming “like the server.”

You can also use pre-loading to re-load the data you already collected into the old or new form.

Always good to backup up your data using Suitcase before you get started.


Thank you. I will make a copy of the server for testing and see what can be done.

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