Nginx version Sync Endpoint

Dear all

I’m running a server with ODK-X Sync Endpoint.

I’ve been contacted by the IT-department from my organisation about the nginx-version and they have asked me to update nginx to the newest version if possible (currently im running version 1.19.4).

I found a previous post describing a similar problem
The solution here was to edit the docker-compose.yml to nginx:latest. I’m unsure if I can do the same? Or if there are any known issues with Sync Endpoint and newer nginx version?


@Andreas feel free to try to update to a newer version and let us know how it goes. There is an upcoming release so we could update the nginx version in the new release. We are not aware of any issues but I don’t think people have tried it either.

The problem with specifying latest is that it gets the latest that people haven’t tested yet and it can break without warning.

Hi @W_Brunette,

Thanks for the reply.
I have tried updating to version 1.21.3 (currently the latest version):

  1. Took down the endpoint

  2. Edited docker-compose.yml to nginx:1.12.3

  3. Restarted the endpoint and comfirmed the version.

Things seems to work fine.
I’m able to login and sync to my endpoint without any problems.