ODK 2.0: constraints/conditions/calculations on string inputs from user

Hi everyone,

Are there functions available for performing in form calculations on string inputs from the user in ODK 2.0? (Application Designer 2.1.0)

To elaborate slightly, are there functions available that could return string character length, sub-strings, check case, etc. during a survey for the purpose of setting constraints on string inputs or other form logic branching/action during a survey.

The XLSX Converter Reference page lists some functions but the closest is the width function (calculates sheet) which returns string rendered length. Is there an extended list of functions available elsewhere?

Thanks for your time.


ODK 2 uses JavaScript so I believe any JavaScript function is available to you in calculates (caveat is not blocked by the Android WebKit).

Thanks, Waylon. This is mentioned in the XLSX converter reference too and I completely missed it.
Thank you for your time.