ODK 2.0 Tool Suite Preview Release - v2.0.3

Preview release v2.0.3 (rev 220a) of the ODK 2.0 Tool Suite is now available for download!

Previews are available at:

Please download and test the binaries before the official release of v2.0.3. Please file any issues on our github site.

This pre-release includes:

  • Re-architected Progress and Alert Dialogs
  • Improved Survey performance for select prompts and translations
  • Various improvements and fixes

Resolved issues:

  • #1368 Master branch in 218 doesn’t compile without local libraries
  • #1367 app-designer pushing to incorrect folder
  • #1364 ODK Survey forms not appearing when pushed from App Designer via USB
  • #1363 Months in datetime combo picker are English only
  • #1351 Sync notification doesn’t launch Services
  • #1329 Services no longer supports gmail account using Aggregate 1.4.15
  • #1327 Sync sometimes backs you out when finishing or failing its sync process

The official ODK demo servers have not been updated for the pre-release. Therefore, you will need to setup your own server.

Thanks for the updates! This version is working great for us.

what is use of this tools
may i know please
i’m just familiar with odk collect aggregate ,designing xform

@Khalil Thanks for you question. Unfortunately, the ODK website is undergoing a long delayed transition that should be done soon. In the mean time here is a link to a temporary website that has up to date information:

Here is a link to the information about the last release v2.0.2. A

After testing on v2.0.3 is complete (what this post announces the beginning of) it will become the next release, hopefully this week.

Here is a brief comparison of the tool suites.