ODK 2.0 Tool Suite Release - v2.0.2

The latest release of the ODK 2.0 Tool Suite is now available for download!

The ODK 2.0 Tool Suite is an alternative to the ODK 1.x Tool Suite rather than a replacement. ODK 2.0 is designed for complex workflows and information management. A simple migration path between 1.x and 2.0 does not yet exist because they are based on different standards.

Information about the 2.0 Tool Suite can be found at http://opendatakit-dev.cs.washington.edu/2_0_tools. Documentation about the release is available at http://opendatakit-dev.cs.washington.edu/2_0_tools/release/218.

This release includes:
• Tool upgrades to use the latest gradle plugin and to compile with Oreo
• Improvements to reduce tool initialization time
• A fix for the Scan crash related to file system permission
• Other bug fixes

Version 2.0.2 rev 218 APKs are compatible with our new Sync Endpoint and Aggregate 1.4.15.

Documentation for getting started with the Sync Endpoint is available at:

Detailed documentation about the APIs can be found at:

A patch was released for 2.0.2. rev 219 (replacing 218) that fixes an issue that occurs if google play updates your Android webkit to the latest.

Release Notes:

  • PATCH: Fixed issue with Survey webkit not being reloaded properly after coming back from an intent caused by latest Android webkit update
  • Requires ODK Sync Endpoints or ODK Aggregate 1.4.15 (with reduced functionality)