ODK 2.0 XLSX Template

Hello ODKers,

I have decided to try out ODK 2.0 in one of my upcoming projects, some time ago saw a xlsx template for use on ODK 2.0 would anyone be having this? Could make my migration/testing out 2.0 less bumpy. Thanks in advance.

Paul Macharia

Dear @paul_macharia,

I am not sure about an ODK template, but there are examples that come with the sample application described here:


And lots of explanations with examples here for how to build the excel worksheets here:


We also did some step by step training, files here:

So between those hopefully will get you started on the transition. We often learned ODK2 by taking one of the examples and modifying as a starting point :slight_smile:



thanks so much!!

This very resourceful, will keep you all updated on my ODK 2.0 journey. with your resources, truly its not a leap in the dark.