ODK 2 Tool Suite Release - v2.1.0

The latest release of the ODK 2 Tool Suite is now available for download!

The v2.1.0 tools are not backward compatible with previous versions (v2.0.*). The incompatibility is internal to the ODK tools, all external files such as XLSX forms, JavaScript/HTML, and server interfaces are unaffected. Most users should experience a smooth upgrade.

The ODK 2 Tool Suite is an alternative to the ODK 1.x Tool Suite rather than a replacement. ODK 2 is designed for complex workflows and information management. A simple migration path between 1.x and 2 does not yet exist because they are based on different standards.

Detailed documentation about the 2 Tool Suite can be found at https://docs.opendatakit.org/odk2.

ODK v2.1.0 can be downloaded from:

Application Designer v2.1.0
Services v2.1.0
Suitcase v2.1.0
Survey v2.1.0
Tables v2.1.0

This release includes:


  • Fragments, Activities, Dialogs, and Preferences have been converted to use support libraries
  • Added support in for Submit and renamed all RPCs to follow Android naming convention


  • Updated target and compile SDK to 26 and 28 respectively
  • Upgraded Android Gradle plugin and various support libraries
  • Added in Spanish translations for all tools
  • Added in notification channels for Services
  • Prevented security exception regarding attachment path by using a FileProvider

Resolved issues:

  • #1405 grunt adbpush fails on Android 8 devices

Version 2.1.0 rev 226 APKs are compatible with the Sync Endpoint.

Documentation for getting started with the Sync Endpoint is available at: