ODK Scan storing of variables

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I am having some difficulties in understanding how the app works and how the data is stored and I thought you may be able to help me. I have created a printable form using the following link ODK Scan. When I assign the name and label to the different text boxes, will this be the names of the variables in the excel form after scanning?

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@OlimpiaLamberti If you have formed a template and transferring it to the ODK-X Scan app, You can look at Managing ODK-X Scan — ODK-X Docs this documentation to understand its workflow. And I think that after assigning names and labels in your text boxes the data will be in ODK-X table. Please let me know any other doubt you are facing


Yes @khushishikhu is correct. When you define a form in Scan, it will create a table that is accessible in ODK-X Tables. After you scan that form it creates a new row in that table. You can see that row by opening ODK-X Tables and viewing it, just like you would with any other form defined in ODK-X Survey. You can see more instructions here. You can also sync your data to a cloud endpoint and then download it (docs link).

The name you assign on the text boxes will be the name of the column in the database. If you export as a CSV and open that in excel, you will see the names as the column names. The labels you set are what you see if you edit the form in ODK-X Survey.