ODK Tables Tea Sample App not Rendering

Dear all,

I am attempting to try the sample app as directed at https://docs.odk-x.org/tables-sample-app-tea-houses/ . I go to View Teas, where I do not get a list of current teas almost as if no syncing happened. Also when creating a new instance, on the prompt Choose the Tea Type, there are no widgets presented

Also theapp keeps crashing. I am using an Infinix Hot 8. Please advise.

Hi @TumainiKilimba!

When you go to the sample app, did you fully sync successfully in ODK-X Services? See: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED: problem accesing forms with survey
for an example of what a successful sync would look like.

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Hi @TumainiKilimba,

I had the same issue when I initially synced from the demo server: I could not see current teas or the tea types in the survey form.

I tried syncing again, and noticed there was an error and the sync did not complete.

However, the tea types were now available in Survey.

Since then I’ve done some sync testing and have not been able to successfully complete a sync from the demo server. It seems as though one of the demo apps, Geotagger, has a large number of files attachments and that the sync is timing out (that’s my observation, not confirmed).

There is an update to the demo server going on at the moment, and when the new server has been set up the sync issues should be resolved by cleaning up the data on the demo apps.

I’ll update this thread when that’s been done.

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