ODK-X Application Designer Release v2.1.11

ODK-X Application Designer v.2.1.11

How to get the new release:

Method 1 (recommended): Clone the repository from GitHub using git

git clone https://github.com/odk-x/app-designer.git

Method 2: Download the zip archive from the releases tab in the ODK-X Application Designer repository

Method 3: Update your existing clone of the official repository

Note: Only applies to users with an existing clone of the repository!

The main branch has been renamed from ‘master’ to ‘main’, so if you already have a local clone of the repository, you need to rename your local branch as well before you can do a ‘git pull’.

You can do this by executing the following commands in your local copy:

git branch -m master main

git fetch origin

git branch -u origin/main main

git remote set-head origin -a

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