ODK-X cloud services (AWS): Troubleshooting Connection Time Out error

I am attempting to setup ODK-X sync-endpoint using cloud services- AWS in my case.
I followed this guide here: https://docs.odk-x.org/sync-endpoint-setup/#sync-endpoint-setup-aws
Everything went well upto step 5 (docker stack ls), however, when attempting to open https://[IP_ADDRESS]:40000 in my browser (step #6), I got a connection time out error ( ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT). I tried troubleshooting using this guide: TroubleshootingInstancesConnectionTimeout.

This did not help me.Could someone please give me an idea of where I might be going wrong, or what can be done to fix the same?

Thank you!

See my response in your other thread where you also asked about AWS.


Thank you very much, this is helpful. I will go to the other posts you marked for me to read, try out the suggestions and write a feedback response on how it goes.

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