ODK-X Community Call - 2019-11-05

There is an upcoming community call for ODK-X to discuss roadmaps, governance, technical issues, and community concerns.

Everyone is encouraged to join and participate; these calls are intended to be driven by the community. But only TSC members may vote.

This call will be held at 2019-11-05T15:00:00Z in our UberConference room.

Notes from our previous call are available in this document.

Tentative agenda:

  • Prioritization of issues (Roadmap)
  • Demo app: server set-up – Waylon, Li
  • Docs refresh – Caroline, Ben

If there are topics you would like to add to the agenda, please comment below :point_down:

I would be interested in accessibility issues especially the use of SMS again to allow a broader community to give feedback on governance programs. Also whether anyone in this community has used IDK to crowd source

Hi @bridgestopeace

Thanks for the suggestions. Could provide a few more details to help us understand your use cases better?

Can you confirm that you’re using the ODK-X suite? From a previous forum thread it looks like you’re using ODK Collect: https://forum.getodk.org/t/sms-compression/15191/5

If you are talking about SMS support in ODK-X tools, could you post a feature suggestion in the Features topic on the forum? That helps other community members to give feedback on the details of the suggested feature.

Yes. You are correct. I use ODK Collect. I did not know there was any other kind. I searched Google for ODK-X but wasn’t clear on the difference from collect.

I apologise if I am in the wrong forum

No worries, it is confusing.

If it is useful, here’s some information on the differences between ODK and ODK-X:

Thanks. Sounds like ODKX is too advanced for me. I don’t use the odk form but I am not a programmer either.sonewhereun between.