ODK-X Community Call - 2020-04-21

There is an upcoming community call for ODK-X to discuss roadmaps, governance, technical issues, and community concerns.

Everyone is encouraged to join and participate; these calls are intended to be driven by the community. But only TSC members may vote.

This call will be held at 2020-04-21T15:00:00Z2020-04-21T16:00:00Z in our UberConference room.

Notes from our previous call are available in this document.

Tentative agenda:
Great migration (transition update)
Documentation Update
Roadmap prioritisation (@bengreen will tackle 10 issues)

If there are topics you would like to add to the agenda, please comment below :point_down:

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If there’s time, I suggest we follow up on the Vagrant ODK-X Stack that @ojw713 posted in February: https://forum.getodk.org/t/introduce-yourself-here/6671/1077

Could this be adopted for easier onboarding?

It was suggested as a topic for the last meeting but I missed it on the agenda.

Apologies, I’ll have to miss this meeting. I have three job interviews this week and need to focus on them. I am not thrilled to be missing two in a row and will definitely be back for the next one.

Please message me if there is anything that needs my attention.

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