ODK-X Community Call – 2020-06-16

There’s a community call for ODK-X coming up. In these calls we discuss road maps, governance, technical issues, and community concerns.

Everyone is encouraged to join in and participate in the call - these calls are intended to be driven by the community, but only TSC members may vote.

This call will be held at 2020-06-16T15:00:00Z2020-06-16T16:00:00Z in our Uber Conference room.

Notes from previous calls are available in this document.

Tentative agenda:

  • Previous Action Items
  • Communication strategy / Community visibility
  • Documentation updates
  • GSoC updates
  • Roadmap Prioritization

If there are any topics that you would like to add to the agenda, please comment below :writing_hand:

See you there :nerd_face:

Relevant links:
ODK-X Roadmap on GitHub
ODK-X Issues on GitHub

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Unfortunately, I have a conflict that I cannot reschedule. I can make it an hour later or on a different day.

I will be difficult for me to do it an hour later, but let me know if we should try to move it to a different day :slight_smile:

When reading June 16th, 2020 minutes I have seen " could not find a tool to generate documentation from JSDoc"

May this be useful?:

Or are you looking for something different?


Hi ehbossa,

Thanks a lot. That does indeed look quite interesting. I also had a look at sphinx-js because the documentation is produced using sphinx. Do you have some advice on how to have the auto-generated documentation merged with the rest of the documentation automatically? Perhaps that should be done as part of the deployment process?

We should probably re-visit this and look into the general feasibility of integrating the documentation into the build pipeline (given the current codebase, process etc.)… Let’s put it at the agenda for the next community call (probably June 30th). You are more than welcome to join :smiley:

Exact time and meeting room links are usually posted on the forum a week before the community calls…