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Hi all, I’m working on fixing a typo in the documentation. But I’m stuck and will need help please.

After installing and setting up as directed in the documents, I want to actually fix the typo using VSCode as a text editor, but I’ve found no explanation on how to do this. Can someone please help me with this or point me to a doc to read?

P.S.: I’ve read the doc on contributing but it simply said to use a text editor to fix it, but it didn’t say how.

Thank you!

Hi @ElsyC! You can open the page in the text editor and make the change (just like editing any document). There’s a bit more detail about where the files are here:
Docs Contributor Technical Guide — ODK-X Docs – check out step #5 “Work on the documentation” where it says:
Finally, you can open an editor of your choice and work on the documentation.

The source files for documentation text are in this directory:


Files for the pages at https://docs.odk-x.org/

I see how this “Files for the pages” could be a bit confusing, though, so if you want to also create an issue for making this clearer, maybe with an example, you could work on that next!

Thanks @elmps2018 for your response.

I’ll work on creating, and possibly working on the issue next after understanding it.

I believe that it should be written step by step just like setting up part (setting up your work environment) was, believing the person reading it have never done it before. So I’ll do that if someone can take the pain to explain it to me please.


@W_Brunette please can you help me out? Thank you.

If you post a specific question I am happy to answer.

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