ODK-X, loading screen and whole page reload after answering a question

Users find it unacceptable to have the loading screen and the whole page being refreshed after answering each question. Is there a way to avoid them? Or need to do some customization on our own?

Whether and how fast the screen reloads after a question is really dependent on the amount on the screen (and its complexity, e.g. whether there are calculations etc.). We’ve had good success in using begin screen and end screen clauses to break up long screens that became sluggish, so would encourage you to try that.

Hi all, I’ve been experiencing this behaviour for quite sometime after adding html tag in each question. I thought this is a problem caused by the html. Is it odk normal behaviour?

For each question answered, screen reload and jump to the top of the page (which is very annoying since my question includes narratives)

I am not sure about universally for all html tags, but certainly when we were using some for formatting it did not cause any problems. Can you split questions across more screens with begin screen and end screen?

The html tag that I use is heading tag (h1, h2, h3) and some text formatting one such as, bold. Yes, I ended up splitting the question into multiple screen to reduce load time.

Does odk-x always reload the page when user answer 1 question? (despite using html tag or not)

Does the only solution to remove/reduce page load is by simplifying the screen?

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@aliahadss24 so when we have used formatting such as bold there haven’t been problems with reloading. It sounds like you have already split questions somewhat. It is not typical behavior to reload when answering one question, but there are a number of ways there might be issues with the amount on a screen that cause challenges. Do you have calculations embedded in the screen, for example? If you’re able to share the .xlsx of your form we can try to figure out what might be causing the problems.

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I believe that it reloads some prompts after you ask a question as some questions are dependent on others.

I believe the last person to update that code was @clarice_larson to minimize the refresh if we were sure that one prompt would not be dependent on the value of another prompt. However most prompts can be dependent on other prompts. @clarice_larson any further insights?

@elmps2018 is also correct that if a prompt is dependent on a query or something it will take longer to re-re-render that specific prompt.


The refresh removes the date values already keyed in if you are using custom_date which is dependent on customPromptTypes.js
I thought I had escaped the date problem where I had to scroll from 2071 down upto the year of interest with the custom_date only to get missing dates.I have reverted back to the date where I have to scroll years down.
Has something been done on this date?

Hi @hissdev!

I am not sure I quite understand your question about has something been done on this date.

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