Odk-x redcap api /push data automatically to secondary sources

Hello team, I have questions that I need your help.

  1. Is there a way to push data directly from ODK-X to RedCap? or other secondary storage? without downloading manually using the suitcase and uploading to redcap?
  2. I changed the digital ocean time zone to EAT (Africa/Nairobi) but when the data is synced to the server it comes in the format of UTC there back dating my date with 1 day. Does it use the docker container time zone or what? And is there a way i can change my date time to read EAT instead of UTC.
  3. My time also comes in the format 45:56:2 when i download the data. However when i change the column for the time variable in excel to time format it converts to respective time. Is there a way to just ensure the time picked is the one in excel when i download data instead of converting ?

Hi @James_Nyanga!

  1. There are not currently any direct to RedCap services built in to ODK-X. Depending on how you have your ODK-X Sync Endpoint setup, you might be able to create some workflow on your server to move the data in other ways than just downloading from Suitcase, but Suitcase is currently the standard way to download data.
  2. The dates do adjust time zones as they move locations (so this could include to the server) There is a date_no_time prompt that does not adjust for time zones (see: ODK-X XLSX Converter Reference — ODK-X Docs) that might solve this problem.
  3. I am not sure here whether the issue is when you download the data or open it in excel. Excel may be automatically formatting things. You can store dates or times as strings, and I know that would work opening in something like Stata, but excel does have a tendancy to do terrible things with formatting (e.g. when I type 10-14 meaning ages 10-14 it automatically converts to a date). Trying to open in something other than excel that behaves better may help.

Thanks, Let me try with the date_no_time and see how it behaves then get back to you. Thanks

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