ODK-X Services, Survey, Tables - v2.1.5 Beta

This ODK-X pre-release should resolve the ODK-X Services server authentication issue with Android 9. Since the authentication issue was a blocking problem for some users, we are posting preview versions of ODK-X Services, ODK-X Survey, and ODK-X Tables.

Please help us test and find other issues before the scheduled release of v2.1.5 the first week of October.

ODK-X Services v2.1.5 Pre-Release
ODK-X Survey v2.1.5 Pre-Release
ODK-X Tables v2.1.5 Pre-Release

If you find any issues or bugs please report them at:

Is there a course for ODK-X one can attend, it looks interesting and i would love to learn more about it

Hi @Fula!

The ODK-X docs: https://docs.opendatakit.org/odk-x/
and especially the example apps: https://docs.opendatakit.org/odk-x/tables-sample-app/
are a great way to learn about ODK-X

I also did an intro training (slightly earlier version of ODK-X) with slides here: Community contributions to upcoming ODK 2.0 documentation refresh