ODK-X services sync not working

Hello. I trying to synchronize ODK-X Services and ODK-X Sync Endpoint, but nothing for now. Everything is setup properly. I installed a sync endpoint locally and when i setup the parameters on ODK-X Services, i have this error.

I think the issue is from the server URL because i can access ODK-X with the credentials i using on ODK-X Services for the synchronization. I search on the forum before posting but i did not found the correct way to put the URL in this particular case.
Thanks in advance for your help

leave off /web-ui/login that is specific to the interface. You should only put the base of the server url.

Thanks for your answer. I have done that but, unfortunatly, i have another error

Is your user a member of SYNCHRONIZE_TABLES group (Group 503)?


Also, some changes require a restart in LDAP, so try restarting the docker stack after making sure the user has proper permissions.

The user is a member of SYNCHRONIZE_TABLES group. I restarted the docker stack but it’s the same.

After 2 weeks, nothing changed. I want to know if the url of the server need to be a domain name or can also be an IP adress

You can use an IP address, BUT you need to use HTTPS which is hard to get a SSL certificate for.

There is a way to turn off HTTPS but we DO NOT RECOMMEND it because all data is visible.
To do that you need to establish an administrative password to make it unsecure

Thanks. I tested it and it works. I will get a domain name to get an ssl certificate