ODK-X Suitcase graphical interface

A few ideas for Suitcase:

  • Would it be possible for Suitcase to “know” the table_IDs of the data tables on the server, and provide a drop-down menu with those table_IDs, rather than requiring the user to know the ID of each table?

  • Could you add some i-buttons (info buttons) that describe how to use Suitcase?

  • I was hoping Suitcase would have an option to view a data table (table_ID) to make sure it contained the data I’d expect it to contain. Is that in the realm of possibility, or is there another option for doing that? (other than downloading and then opening the file in another application).

Thanks for your consideration!

@RJP If you can split these features up so folks can vote and weigh in on specifics it would be great! Also note that some of these are currently proposed as a project for GSoC/Outreachy here, specifically around the list of tables. I think the data is more on the sync-endpoint side (to see it on the server before downloading), some info in this project as well. Are these along the lines of what you are thinking?

Thanks, I will do that (split things into separate items). Glad to see that a couple of them are already planned for in one way or another!

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