ODK-X Tool Suite Release v2.1.10 - Fix for v2.1.9

An issue was found with the upgrades to the JavaScript handlebars library upgrade. To fix the issue quickly the handlebars library has been downgraded to 4.2.2.

New binaries have been posted. v2.1.10 is fully compatible with v2.1.9 with exception of the handlebars library.

Please report any problems here.

Detailed documentation about the ODK-X Tool Suite can be found at:

ODK-X v2.1.10 releases can be downloaded from:
Application Designer v2.1.10
Services v2.1.10
Survey v2.1.10
Tables v2.1.10


  • Downgrade handlebars library previous upgrade (v4.7.7 → v4.2.2) to fix select_one and other possible issues